Endorsement Procedures

Candidate Endorsement Procedures for the 34th District GOP

1. Endorsements can be for Initiatives, Republican candidates or candidates for non-partisan offices; endorsements cannot be made for other than Republican Party candidates in partisan office contests.

2. Candidates to be considered shall be initiated by a Motion and second.

3. Endorsement notice shall be made in writing to all PCOs a minimum of two weeks before the vote

4. Endorsement vote shall require a quorum present. Proxy votes are allowed if the PCO confirms the proxy voter in writing, on paper.

5. Endorsement vote shall pass with a simple majority.

6. Endorsement takes effect immediately after the vote and endorsed candidate can use the phrase “Endorsed by the 34th Legislative District Republican Party” in their campaign literature.

7. Chair cannot make endorsements for the District. Only a quorum of the PCOs can endorse candidates.

8. Individual PCOs can make endorsements as an individual, but not on behalf of the 34th Legislative District GOP.